HVAC Systems

Offices, schools, retail and commercial spaces, all require heating, ventilation and/or air conditioning systems. We have years of experience creating the perfect work or leisure environment. Sometimes known as climate control, the main purpose of these systems is to control the environmental conditions, making them comfortable for those using the spaces.

From small offices to hotels, each project starts with a site survey to establish requirements. Once established, we provide the design, supply, installation and maintenance/servicing for air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems.

Many of our clients operating in commercial settings including kitchens, offices, shops and factories which place high priority on the reliability and functioning of their HVAC systems. With this in mind, we can offer comprehensive maintenance services to ensure these systems are fully supported.

In addition to traditional HVAC systems, we also have extensive working knowledge and expertise in dehumidifiers, air purifiers, extractors, gas interlocks, canopy and ductwork deep cleaning and heat recovery systems. These products and services are in addition to more traditional central heating including gas fired boilers, air source heat pumps and electrical heating systems. Our catalogue of BMS controlled systems allow full automation and control of these services.

We have engineers that are Gas Safe registered for safety compliance.

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